Wood's Computers


A rugged reliable system suitable for Desk work and every day use.


A quality responsive workstation for the business or home user who requires responsiveness.

TCI G7 WORKER PC $845.00

A solid workstation for general everyday use.

WD My Passport Ultra 2Tb $139.00

Western Digital 2Tb My Passport Ultra as an excellent choice for protection from when things go wrong.

TCI G7 LITE PC $720.00

An entry level desktop computer for everyday use. Add Windows or a free alternative and away you go.

NBK-ACE-NH.Q1ZSA.004 $2765.00

Notebook for Gaming.

NBK-ACE-NH.Q2QSA.006-C77 $1675.00

A Notebook for Gamerz.

NBK-ACE-NH.Q1ZSA.004 $2815.00

A Gaming Notebook for the discerning gamer!

NBK-ACE-NH.Q1TSA.007-C77 $3000.00

A 17" Gaming Notebook computer for the gamer who doesn't play games when it comes to gaming!!! Did that make any sense?

NBK-ACE-NH.Q1ESA.005-C77 $3675.00

Another awesome gaming Notebook for someone with excessive disposable income!

NBK-ACE-NH.Q29SA.002 $2250.00

An awesome gaming rig for the fragging of the universe as we know it!

NBK-HP-2FG08PA $630.00

A QUALITY entry level Notebook from HP.

NBK-HP-2FG09PA $795.00

A great notebook from HP.

NBK-HP-2FG10PA $937.50

This is our biggest selling model and so it should be. We believe this Notebook provides the best value for money for most users.